Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cleaning Our Large Blanket

Our blanket has been hibernating in my craft room since last October, when I was dealing with some health issues. Now that our weather is cooling down from our hot summer, I have pulled the blanket back out again.

As soon as I got it out, I started sneezing. As you know, our blanket has travelled all over the United States, getting new sections added by talented knitters from the Knitting Help Forum. So, it's picked up lots of sweat, dust, and pet hair. Guess it's time for a good wash.

But before I took it to the laundry room to be cleaned, I spent a few minutes looking it over and reading the journal we all signed. Such a precious blanket, knit by such caring people. It will be hard to let it go, but this is what we've all been working toward! So, I laid the journal aside, gathered up the blanket, and carried it down the hall to the washing machine.

I set the machine on the delicate cycle, cold water, and added detergent and softener. Then, I carefully placed the blanket inside and turned on the water. After the wash was complete, I was happy to see our blanket was still all in one piece, and smelled wonderful! Now, it's in my dryer, again on the delicate setting, and will be tossed around for about an hour.

I'm thinking of donating the blanket to an Indian reservation on the west coast of the US. They need blankets and clothing, because they are living in poverty. I'm sure they will appreciate our beautiful blanket. :)

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