Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Blanket is Back Home in North Carolina!

Yay! Alert the media!

Our 5th Oddball Blanket has survived all its travels all over the United States, and is now back home, safe and sound, almost ready to go to charity.

The blanket is absolutely GORGEOUS. When Shandeh opened the box, she was amazed to see that every single color join in this blanket was done correctly. It couldn't be more perfect!

Perfect joins at the beginning of the blanket:
Blanket #5 - Perfect Joins

More perfect joins in the middle of the blanket:
Blanket #5 - More Perfect Joins

Even MORE perfect joins at the end of the blanket!
Blanket #5 - Even MORE Perfect Joins

It is just a beautiful blanket. I'm sure that whoever receives this blanket will be pleased.
Blanket #5 Almost Complete

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