Thursday, May 24, 2007

Starting our 5th Oddball Charity Blanket!

Yes, once again, those crazy knitters at the Knitting Help Forum are making a blanket for charity. Alert the media!! Call Oprah!! These people just CAN'T STOP KNITTING!

Shandeh started the blanket with size 8 circular needles, casting on 300 stitches with a sturdy yarn she had in her stash. Lion Brand Wool-Ease in the color Mink Brown.

So far, so good!
Beginning of Oddball Blanket #5

The next knitter for this blanket lives in THE NETHERLANDS!!!

I would venture to say that this blanket is opening the way to world domination!


Map for Oddball Blanket #5

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! I can't wait to see its progress around the world. Thanks for setting up the blog, Shandeh, and let's get knitting!!!